Bearden Softball

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-This store closed at midnight Sunday July 7th
In order to produce all the orders in time we will not be able to accept any orders after the store closes

-Sizing: Please type in the Size box the size you need,

example: Youth Small, Adult Large, etc.

For Beanies, Visors, etc please type N/A as they are One-Size-Fits-All

-Colors: Please type in the color box the color of the item shown you wish to receive.

Please note that we will ONLY produce the item and logo colors shown here.

We CANNOT accommodate special garment or logo changes.

If you DO NOT type a COLOR SHOWN here you will receive the DEFAULT color shown here.

-Due to global supply chain issues some items may become unavailable during the sale. We will try to replace with like products. If that cannot happen your money will be refunded for that product.

-Items will be available in late July for pick up in-store or from Coach Smith

-Any questions feel free to call us at (865) 688-5454 or email at [email protected]
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